Popular treatment of economics — from talk of debt and the deficit, to gender and racial pay inequality, to the economic sustainability of the NHS — is shrouded in much mystification. This mystification has two effects: in the short-term, to recast the cruel as necessary, and the compassionate as impossible; in the long-term, to stymie in the popular imagination the possibility of a transformed economy as part of a socialist future.

New Socialist provides clear-eyed economic analysis, aimed at dispelling these myths, and arguing that such a transformed economy is possible, desirable and necessary. We invite contributions, on topics large and small, such as:

  • Rapid responses to government policy
  • Going beyond top-line indicators of unemployment and economic growth, to examine a fuller picture of the UK labour market, and distributional aspects of the UK economy
  • Tackling the undervaluation, or non-valuation, of affective, emotional and domestic labour
  • The interactions between characteristics of the economy and mental health.
  • Imagining the economy of the future, for instance in a world of increased automation

Photo: Mark McNestry

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