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New Socialist is entirely independent. We only publish what we want to publish, and we are not beholden to any funders or backers, including the institutions of the labour movement. We do not and never will accept advertising, and we are funded entirely by our subscribers. You can support our work via. Patreon or Donorbox.

We are unique on the British left in providing a space for in-depth, radical analysis from below. Because we are independent, we are able take firm lines on the most important issues facing the left today, such as: borders and migration (1; 2, 3), the problem of left antisemitism and the importance of solidarity with Palestinians; trans liberation (1, 2, 3); green colonialism, the Green New Deal and the rise of eco-fascism; and the importance of economic democracy and political education. We will never compromise on these positions.

We value our writers’ perspectives and voices, and do not force them to conform to hard word limits or tabloid-style editing. We give writers space to engage with topics they care about in the ways they want to. Whether it’s a dispatch from the real Islington or the Chilean spring; whether our writers are analysing the limits of social democratic approachs to tax justice, exposing the violence of ‘civility’ discourse, or unfolding the cultural politics of the Manic Street Preachers—we provide a space for critical and radical work that would not appear anywhere else. In our Transmissions section, we have opened up New Socialist to people involved in a whole range of grassroots struggles.

We are committed to working with and developing new, emerging, or unheard voices, and many of our former writers have gone on to work for bigger and better-funded publications, and to develop media or journalistic careers. Our readership encompasses the young grassroots left through to established theorists and academics and senior Labour politicans. The work we publish has already had political impacts, and we are really proud of what we have achieved as a volunteer-run labour of love. We know we could achieve so much more.

At present we are receiving £1,500 in monthly subscriptions. With one-off donations this gives us a budget of about £1,800 a month. It is proving extremely difficult to sustain New Socialist on the basis of the unpaid work of our editors. Our General Editors, Tom Gann and josie sparrow, receive £250 a month for administration, organisation and a small amount of their editing and commissioning work. We keep overheads down—no office, no print edition, no advertising beyond word-of-mouth—and almost all of our commissioning and editing work is unpaid. We are seeking more subscribers in order to make New Socialist sustainable and allow us to flourish. A vibrant and diverse left media ecology is crucial to socialist transformation, and like all socialist culture, it’s something we have to build ourselves.

Our next subscription target, which would feel like we were coming close to being genuinely sustainable is a budget of £2,000 a month. With this we could pay a little more for editing in general as well as pay towards the editing and promotion of our Activists’ Inquiry, which resourced properly will be able to engage far more of our movement. At £2,500 a month, we could commission more pieces, including more regular columns, cover more of the editorial work that is necessary to develop new voices and pay writers more.

For comrades in the UK, Donorbox may be easier, and we will receive more of the money pledged.

Thank you so much, comrades.

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