Emerging divisions in the South African trade union movement find their roots in the struggle against Apartheid

Designing the future: a review of Economic Science Fictions

A little over a century ago, there was an expectation that the future was ours to map and manage.

The “Great Man” Theory of History and New Labour

A worker reads "Dragons: Ten Entrepreneurs Who Built Britain" by Liam Byrne MP, emblem of the New Labour tradition

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Technological Development For The Many

A transcript of a talk delivered at the technology breakout session of John McDonnell's State of the Economy conference at Imperial College

Is automation really such a threat?

Why anxiety over technology is simply misplaced anxiety over capitalism

Many staff at colleges across Britain - as well as feeling demoralised and undervalued - are finding it increasingly difficult simply to make ends meet.

It’s Time for Labour to Disassociate from the SDLP

Labour's link to the SDLP should leave a sour taste in the mouth of any progressive or socialist.

Mandatory Reselection: A Necessity, Not an Indulgence

A PLP that's in step with the Labour Party as a whole is imperative, and mandatory reselection the only method to realising that goal in the time we are likely to have available to us.

Labour’s Problem with Police (or, Why Going All-In for Cops is a Cop-Out)

Labour's positioning on the police represents a failure of leadership and a failure to challenge oppression with harmful consequences

From Land Day to Nakba Day: the Meaning of Return

In Gaza, the Land Day protests are not just a struggle for human rights, but are part of a long tradition of resistance against the existence of Israel as a settler-colonial society

Capitalist and Socialist Universal Basic Incomes

Debates on UBI as a practical policy are well-rehearsed, but this article seeks to answer these questions through a critical review of the Marxist perspectives on the concept.

Was There a Third Way in New Labour’s Social Exclusion Policy?

The theory of social exclusion became a central component of New Labour’s social policies and their drive for what they viewed as a programme of modernisation.