Sen Katayama: Pioneer, Internationalist, and Revolutionary

The story of Sen Katayama, his vision, and the scale of his impact on the labour movements of Japan, America, and the USSR.

Ownership and Markets in Energy

The plans for partial re-nationalisation of energy in Labour's manifesto are too locally-oriented. Instead, we should embrace national planning of electricity through centralised ownership.

Macronism, and How To Fight It: A Commentary from Parti des indigènes de la République (PiR)

This commentary discusses the necessity for struggle against the labour reforms of Emmanuel Macron, acknowledging the deepening racial divisions it will exacerbate

Antisemitism and Our Duties as Anti-Imperialists

Antisemitism exists within the left, including among supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. There must be no place for it, it must be condemned without equivocation.

A World for the Many not the Few: Labour’s new internationalist vision

Labour’s new International Development paper, spearheaded by Kate Osamor MP, represents a clean break with New Labour orthodoxy

A House of Lords of the left? Corbynism and parliamentary reform

Do plans for an elected Lords go far enough or should the Labour leadership look to ideas around full abolition and the creation of a Citizen's Assembly?