Mandatory Reselection: A View From the Outside

Every party should let its members pick their candidates at every election; Labour doing so would lead to a better-functioning democracy for everyone.

Freedom Yet to Come

The Labor Republicans offer ways to help us talk about how work makes us unfree

Mandatory Reselection: Democratising the Party

A statement from Young Labour's National Committee on why it is proposing drastic changes to parliamentary candidate selection.

The Society-Mother Relation: A Review of Jacqueline Rose's Mothers: An Essay on Love and Cruelty

We need more books like "Mothers", more passionate outbursts from academics to wider audiences, more wide net castings and weavings.

SAFTU: A Giant is Risen?

Emerging divisions in the South African trade union movement find their roots in the struggle against Apartheid

Designing the future: a review of Economic Science Fictions

A little over a century ago, there was an expectation that the future was ours to map and manage.