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Beyond westminster editor

Bill Brand and the 'Metallic Logic of Social Democracy'

More than four decades on from the debut of Trevor Griffiths’ *Bill Brand* in summer 1976 ...

Labour’s ‘Contentious Alliance’ at Conference

The Labour Party Conference occupies a central role in the party’s culture.

The Labour Party: A Socialist Reading List

Since Jeremy Corbyn’s initial election as leader of the Labour Party in July 2015, the hundreds of thousands of people who have flocked into the party have been treated to something of a crash course on it.

In Defence of Party Democracy

It seems that whenever the Labour left has the temerity to organise to bring about whatever changes it wishes to see, this is almost without fail treated as an unconscionable outrage.

Hope, Slammed Doors and "Ronnie Corbett": Tales from the Campaign Trail

We caught up with four activists all of whom went out on the campaign trail for the Labour Party this spring.

Corbynism from Below?

The Labour leadership must urgently turn its attention to how it harnesses the capacities of the party membership, buoyed up by their recent successes.