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Westminster editor

A House of Lords of the left? Corbynism and parliamentary reform

Do plans for an elected Lords go far enough or should the Labour leadership look to ideas around full abolition and the creation of a Citizen's Assembly?

A preview of the week in Parliament

This week in Parliament: ten minute rule bill on medical cannabis, a debate on supported housing and the publication of a bill on the energy cap.

Reflecting on Labour Conference and The World Transformed – Part One

Part one of a series with New Socialist editors reflecting on their experience of Labour Party Conference and The World Transformed 2017.

This week in Parliament: Theresa May's creeping despotism

Through fairly obscure means and made possible only by the support of the DUP, May's creeping despotism is set to skew Parliament's weak legislative scrutiny function even further.

This Week in Parliament: Blacklisting and the Old Right's Venezuelan concern

Parliament returns today after the long summer recess. While Parliament is sitting, we will be looking to highlight interesting items on the agenda.

Reshuffle 2: The Maintenance of the Malcontents

Earlier this week, Corbyn announced a second tranche of post-election appointments to the shadow front bench.

Notes on the Reshuffle

Earlier this week Corbyn quietly announced a reshuffle of his Shadow Cabinet.

The State of the New PLP

A hugely significant but largely unremarked upon aspect of last Thursday’s election result is the fact that the parliamentary left has grown.