Beyond the Manifesto—Call for Submissions

A call for submissions on how to move beyond the Labour Party's 2017 manifesto

As speculation grows around the likelihood of May’s zombie government collapsing over Brexit, our focus in Labour must return again to the work of preparing ourselves and our programme for government.

This work must be undertaken with the recognition that while the 2017 manifesto represents a significant attempt to substitute solidarity, public action and common endeavour for hegemonic neoliberal values, in historical terms it could be fairly described as a modest social-democratic document. In this apparent contradiction lies the challenge before the party: how to build upon an important and rightly-vaunted platform, without becoming shackled to its inadequacies, omissions and missteps.

There are broadly three components to this work.

Firstly, we must build on the manifesto by preserving and extending radical and popular policies like mass housebuilding and the renationalisation of utilities. Second, we must acknowledge and work to eliminate its regressive and reactionary ideas – particularly around defence and immigration – whose implementation would be actively harmful or destructive. Lastly and crucially, we must look beyond the manifesto - in which areas was it not just inadequate, but silent?

To this end, we seek submissions as part of a new New Socialist series: ‘Beyond the Manifesto’. Pitches/articles may touch upon any policy area, but must provide a specific recommendation or set of recommendations for inclusion in the next manifesto. Articles should be around 1,000 words. Please send pitches to with “Beyond the Manifesto” in the subject line.