Corbynism from Below at The World Transformed

We are delighted to announce the details of New Socialist's session at The World Transformed, which will take place on Tuesday September 26th at 1pm at the Synergy Centre.

Our session ‘Corbynism from Below’ will focus on three critical goals for the movement: building community and workplace solidarity; democratising and opening up the Labour Party so that it truly reflects the needs and concerns of working and marginalised people; and delivering upon the promise of Corbynism and Labour’s election manifesto, both in and outside of government. Our panel will discuss why these aims are vital to both the Corbyn project and the wider labour movement, how we can make them a reality, and the challenges that will confront us in our efforts to do so.

List of speakers:

Dawn Foster, Guardian columnist

Tom Gann, Editor, Theory & Strategy co-editor, New Socialist (Chair)

Maya Goodfellow, Writer and researcher

Laura Pidcock, MP for North West Durham

Hilary Wainwright, Co-editor of Red Pepper magazine

Matt Zarb-Cousin, former spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn

Speaker bios:

Dawn Foster, Guardian columnist: Dawn Foster is a Guardian columnist, writing on politics, economics and social affairs. She has also written for the London Review of Books, The Independent and The New York Times and is a regular political commentator for Sky News, Channel 4 News, and Newsnight. Her book, Lean Out, was published in 2016.

Tom Gann, Editor, Theory & Strategy co-editor, New Socialist (Chair): Tom Gann is Theory & Strategy co-editor of New Socialist and has written on Labour, anti-imperialism, housing and urban struggles for a range of publications. Tom is a long-standing Labour member and stood for Parliament in 2010. He has also been involved in housing struggles across South London and successful trade union organising against zero-hours contracts.

Maya Goodfellow, Writer and researcher: Maya Goodfellow is a writer and researcher. A regular columnist for Media Diversified, she is a former staff writer for LabourList and has also written for the Guardian, the New Statesman and the Independent, among others. Her work mostly focuses on UK politics, immigration, gender and race. She is also a doctoral candidate at SOAS, University of London where she studies race and racism. She previously specialised in conflict studies, primarily examining social movements.

Laura Pidcock, MP for North West Durham: Laura Pidcock was first elected as MP for North West Durham at the 2017 general election. Since her election she has joined the Justice Select Committee and become Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mental Health. Before her election she worked as a mental health support worker and for Show Racism the Red Card.

Hilary Wainwright, Co-editor of Red Pepper magazine: Hilary Wainwright is a Fellow of the Transnational Institute and co-ordinates the European dimension of its New Politics Project; a founding editor and current co-editor of Red Pepper; and an active member of Momentum Hackney. Her latest book is A New Politics from the Left, forthcoming. Her other books include Reclaim the State: Experiments in Popular Democracy; Arguments for a New Left: Answering the Free Market Right and Labour: A Tale of Two Parties.

Matt Zarb-Cousin, former spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn: Matt Zarb-Cousin is a former spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn, and since leaving the leader's office has written for the Guardian, the Independent, Jacobin and Vice. He is now spokesperson for the Campaign for Fairer Gambling, which campaigns against Fixed Odds Betting Terminals.

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