The New Socialist Editorial Group

General Editor: Tom Gann, twitter,

Readers' Editor: Jude Wanga, twitter,

Westminster: Gail McAnena, twitter and Oidptg, twitter,

Beyond Westminster: Tom Blackburn, twitter and Laura Dover, twitter,

Economics: Kyle Geraghty, twitter,

Theory & Strategy: Tom Gann, twitter and Andrea Marie,

International, Foreign Policy & Anti-Imperialism: Kieran Morris, twitter and Elle O'Rourke, twitter

Culture: Jack Frayne-Reid, twitter, Antonia Georgiou and one anonymous editor,

Contributing Editor: Daniel Frost, twitter

Political Education: Daniel Frost, twitter and Andrea Marie,

Design: Tom Munday, twitter,

Web: Joe Corcoran, twitter,

We are currently looking for an economics editor who must be a woman or non-binary person, if you're interested, email to discuss getting involved.